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Rockledge Villas


ESO Equity Group has been a leading Real Estate Development Company in Central Florida since 2006, specializing mainly in value-add Multi Family properties.

The Group sources and participates in real estate investments and joint ventures with strategic partners, such as institutional, quasi-institutional, and crowd funding groups. Backed by years of experience and a proven track record, ESO has found its niche in acquiring multi family and commercial properties with moderate to major rehabilitation needs and then restoring and stabilizing them to a profitable and/or high return investment.

Successfully prevailing during the global real estate and credit market crisis, the company has learned many valuable and creative strategies along the way. This experience, coupled with the noticeable rise in the real estate market, give ESO Equity Group a substantial advantage in today’s thriving US economy.


The acquisition process is achieved by researching and scouting properties with unique and often overlooked potential. ESO’s team will thoroughly and efficiently analyze and underwrite every aspect of the transaction, generate a data backed business plan, and investigate what will make each property most profitable in the shortest amount of time.

While the rehabilitation is being performed an affiliate property management team takes over to effectively improve and market the properties which enables us to reach upwards of 90% occupancies and stabilizing the property as quickly as possible.

(321) 783-5252

150 Cocoa Isles Blvd #202, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

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