ESO Equity Group offers real estate investment and joint venture opportunities backed by years of experience and a proven track record. The group has found its niche in multi family and commercial properties with moderate to major rehabilitation needs and then restoring and stabilizing them to a profitable and/or high return investment.

The company has been involved in rehabilitating over 500 condominiums in the Central Florida area. Ranging from large complexes to single units, ESO Equity Group is able to efficiently manage each project. We have enabled qualified investors to acquire substantial financing at competitive rates by building concrete relationships with boutique financial institutions in Central and Southern Florida.

ESO Equity Group has been adding value as a premier Real Estate Investment Company for over 11 years.

A New Vision

ESO Equity Group’s goal is to successfully analyze the current markets to achieve the highest returns for its properties and strategic partners.

With a commitment to providing professional service coupled with the tools to achieve success, ESO Equity Group, LLC is fast becoming one of the premier real estate acquisition and development companies in Central Florida with a focus on commercial and multi-family properties.

The company has been able to remain stable and adjust to the economic hardships the global and local real estate markets have faced. With the noticeable rise in the real estate market, ESO Equity is ready to share its success with fellow investors.

Under the guidance of our experienced, creative and capable management team, ESO Equity Group is focused on stabilizing projects in key markets throughout the state of Florida, especially in areas experiencing unprecedented growth such as the Central Florida region.


The process is achieved by researching and scouting properties with this unique potential. Our team will analyze and underwrite every aspect of the transaction. After a thorough due diligence process the property is acquired.

ESO Equity Group subsidiary follows a business plan and performs the necessary renovations ensuring quality workmanship at a competitive rate. While the rehabilitation is being performed ESO Equity’s affiliate property management team takes over to aggressively market the properties and reach upwards of 85% occupancies.¬†Most times providing an exit to our valued partners.


ESO Equity Group has a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities ranging from land and property management to renovation construction and condominium conversions.
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Multifamily units

Commercial Sqft

Years in business


ESO Equity Group invests substantial firm capital alongside its partners, which include international hedge funds, private equity funds, and high net worth individuals, in real estate opportunities with a focus on superior risk-adjusted returns through active value creation.

Though ESO Equity Group focus is on multifamily properties, Equity Group has and will undertake office properties, retail and select distressed opportunities.

Property Management

As one of Central Florida’s premier commercial real estate groups, ESO Equity Group is able to provide its strategic partners with leasing and management needs in retail, executive office, and multifamily markets throughout the state of Florida.

ESO Equity Group’s subsidiary manages a diverse portfolio of real estate investments currently exceeding $63.5M in total assets.

The group of professionals managing the units are property base with a hands-on approach and focusing on the business strategy through improving each property and frugal management of revenues and expenses.


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